Spiritual Viewpoint Survey Results

Each year at the Morrison County Fair, our church hosts a Spiritual Viewpoint Survey. Participants are polled on their views regarding various spiritual issues. This year, 2018, we surveyed 65 people. The results are posted below:

1. Did you grow up with any sort of spiritual/church background?

2. Do you believe that:

3. Do you believe that there are moral absolutes (a definite right and wrong in the world)?

4. Have you ever personally done something that you know to be wrong?

5. What is “grace” - what does it mean?

6. Do you believe there will be an “afterlife” of some sort?

7. If you do believe there will be an afterlife, do you expect to find that:

8. What do you think your personal chances are of making it to Heaven?

9. If you believe that you might go to Heaven, why would God let you in?

10. Is Heaven something like an earned reward or is it more like a free gift?

11. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being of no importance, and 10 being of utmost importance, how important is the Bible when it comes to what you believe?

If your chances of making it to Heaven are not 100%, you can find out from the Bible here.



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